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Be the Spark: Start your community’s green team

Being a Spark in your community can be educational, rewarding, and most of all fun!

Participants will learn from a local community manager how she took the initiative to make a difference in her community by seeking out partners, volunteers and grant funds to bring her neighbors together to plant 200+ trees and 2,200+ native plants, and to install 11 cisterns (so far) to keep storm water on the property, thereby significantly reducing storm water runoff.

Participants also will learn the importance of a community Green Team and how to jump start that process. Mike Hunninghake from Sustainable Maryland will be on hand to provide insight into how individuals can become a “Spark for Sustainability” in their neighborhood. He also will describe the organization’s certification process and how adopting sustainable actions can make a significant difference in your community.This session is ideal for residents of apartment buildings, condos, HOAs, in addition to businesses and congregations.

Check out this video on the stormwater management projects installed at Glen Waye Gardens:

Panels & Speakers DIY Workshop
Location: Hillside Pavilion Date: May 6, 2017 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm Mike H on Danube Trail Mike Hunninghake Vicki Veregani Vicki Veregani