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Quick Home Energy Checkups

Each utility in the County offers Quick Home Energy Checkups for residents to save money on their electric bill. These checkups are at no additional cost to you!

Larissa Johnson, the County’s residential energy program manager, will walk you through a Quick Home Energy Checkup.  She’ll explain what you can expect from the home visit, the importance of different energy saving actions and technologies and provide tips for other at-home projects anyone can do to save energy.

Energy Exploration at GreenFest

This session will also feature the games from the County’s Energy Exploration program!

Energy Exploration is an interactive experience for all ages! It is a set of interactive games like an arcade that illuminates the different areas of the Quick Home Energy Checkup to Montgomery County residents. The main areas that QHECs focus on are: appliances, lighting, HVAC usage, water usage, and weatherization. The games bring these vague concepts to life in an interactive, engaging way.

Panels & Speakers DIY Workshop
Location: Hillside Pavilion Date: May 6, 2017 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Larissa Johnson Larissa Johnson