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Mary Kingsley Mary Kingsley

Mary lives on a small farm in Maryland with her family, their chickens, ponies, sheep, dogs and cats. She likes to grow things and make things, spending the better part of everyday outside, living and learning close to the rhythms of the natural world. It has taught her that life is healthier and happier when we bring heart and passion to the basics. Being intentional about how feed and clothe ourselves and ultimately how we live is her day-to-day goal.

In 2016 she teamed up with her daughter Emma to create Lady Farmer, a sustainable apparel company and a community of conscious creators. Their mission is to inspire and guide others towards intentional consumption, and ultimately to provide healthy, humanitarian and environmentally friendly alternatives in clothing.

Mary is the writer, do-er, teacher, encourager, and idea developer behind Lady Farmer. She brings her homesteading experience and lots of heart to the table, and she’s so happy to join you here.

Hand Made Paper Workshop:

Mary Kingsley of Lady Farmer, a sustainable clothing and slow living lifestyle company, shows us how to create hand made paper out of things that would usually be tossed away. Learn how to transform old cards, love letters, junk mail and plant materials into something gorgeous and useful – keeping things out of the landfill and saving time, trees, money and energy.

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