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Farmer Mike Michael “Farmer Mike” Protas

Michael Protas has run a small CSA vegetable farm, One Acre Farm, for the past 8 years growing non-certified organic produce for his 150 plus member families.  He also has partnered with other organizations to provide produce to area food banks and runs a small week-long intensive farming camp for teenagers interested in learning about food.  He is the father to two young girls and works 8-4 Monday through Friday so that he can spend time with his family.  He grows on five acres over the course of the season and just built a hoophouse last summer.  Although he isn’t saving the world, he finds joy in the fact of educating folks about how growing food works (and doesn’t) and trying to showcase just how hard it can be!  He doesn’t like writing about himself in the third person and is happy that now this introduction is over!

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