Repair Cafe

The Repair Cafe is a community event, in conjunction with Montgomery County’s GreenFest where individuals can bring broken items during the schedule periods* (small appliances, clocks, bikes, jewelry, etc.) to the repair cafe and have expert volunteer “fixers” try to repair the item alongside them for free. While there is no guarantee that an item can be fixed, participants are sure to learn something new and have fun along the way.
It’s not just about fixing things, it’s about reducing waste and building community!
Silver Spring Time Bank Repair Cafe  Schedule:
  • 11-12 Carpentry
  • 12-1  Clocks and Watch Battery Replacements
  • 1-2  Jewelry
  • 2-4  Small Home Appliances

Silver Spring TimebankThe Repair Cafe is hosted by the Silver Spring Timebank. The Timebank is open to anyone who lives, works or plays in Silver Spring, Maryland. The concept is simple. Help a neighbor with a service and earn a timebank credit for each hour of your service. In exchange, you can spend your timebank credits on any of the many services that other members offer. Services are exchanged using time instead of money.


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Location: Jesup Blair Local Park Date: May 5, 2018 Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Repair Cafe Icon Repair Cafe Silver Spring Timebank Silver Spring Timebank